Boyish outfit

Not every girl wants to wear girly pretty dresses and lipstick! Many prefer masculine clothing and style to make them more comfortable.

Boyish girl can still have feminine traits. She just may prefer putting on less makeup, wearing baggy over form-fitting clothes and showing less emotion.

For them, wearing masculine clothes or style make them more comfortable. Even they wearing skirt or girly clothes but still they prefer to wear comfortable matchy clothes/style.

Skirt and sneaker. More comfortable!
Coat x Skirt x Sneakers

Every woman, you see, must discover her own individuality amd dress in her own style. Some can wear crinolines amd others cannot and must not wear them. The majority of women follow a single thought in dress, instead of paying more attention to their own individuality, and it is most extraordinary to find in women a desire to be original or distinct (Poiret, 1913).


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