Dolce Marmellata: Cupcake in a Jar


When it comes to sweets, there are hundred of desserts to choose from. If you want to eat for that moment, however, the trendiest, most delicious, most popular dessert right now is cupcake.
But there’s a lot of store over there selling cupcake and it might be delicious but expensive or cheap but boring. And another problem of the usual cupcake is messy to eat. When we bite cupcake we’ve getting frosting on our face, frosty mess or worst bites without frosting!
So in order to eat cupcake without a mess. Dolce Marmellata innovate Cupcake in a Jar.
Three major points:
  • Convienient very portable because you don’t have to worry about the frosting and you can get both cake and frosting in every morsel without spilling any of yourself.
  • Indulgent – they’re the perfect size for one dessert you’ve never felt like you’ve eaten too much.
  • Affordable – it can cost very affordable.

Once again, Dolce Marmellata For A Sweet Treat! 🙂

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