Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture. OOTD is a concept of inspiring people who loves to be in trend with their everyday fashion. The #OOTD was became viral hashtag in Instagram post. The #OOTD stand for “Outfit Of The Day”.images-1We keep on asking ourselves in every single day: “What should I wear today?”

Many women uses the #OOTD for their style and blogger post. Fashion nowadays is become wider in our industry. The word Fashion itself comes from Latin facere’, means “to make”.download

What once started as a simple hashtag grew out to be one of the most influential platforms in the online fashion industry: OOTD aka Outfit Of The Day. Today, #OOTD is a favourite among style sharing users. The hashtag has been used over 90 million times already, according to Instagram. Nominated for the Stylight Awards 2016 in the Vision category because of its creativity.

Fashion sometimes seems a lot easier than it is. You see cute outfits all over the place, and you might think, “how hard can it be?” Well, as it turns out, it can be pretty difficult. For a lot of us, developing our own sense of personal style can take a long time. You have to figure out what you’re comfortable in, what you like best on yourself, and how to style your clothes in a unique way. If you wear a boring clothes, you will become an outcast. But what if you don’t have enough money to buy expensive clothes? No worries! Fashion is not wearing expensive clothes, shoes, accessories and etc. It’s all about something that comes from within you. Here are some tips if you want to become a Fashion trend and post some #OOTD in your Instagram account:

1. Learn how to style a denim vest

    2. How to style a Denim Jacket

3. How to style your old shirt/graphic tee

4. Styling the Boyfriend Jeans





5. Ways to wear your boring Chekered Flannel

6. Wear some accessories to make your #OOTD perfect!

What makes an outfit special is the way you style it – the accessories you add, the way you put different clothing pieces together. While you’re trying to figure out your own way of doing things, don’t be afraid to try the amazing style tips that are at your fingertips all over Pinterest, blogs, and fashion magazines. Any of these suggestions have the ability to transform a boring outfit into one that will catch everyone’s attention.


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